Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    3d numerical modeling of flow structure in a vortex settling basin            0000-00-00
2    : Experimental study the effect of angle and length of leader flow plats on settling basin efficiency trap    M.Sc.    salari, hoda    0000-00-00
3    Experimental Study on the effect of waste water in flocculation suspended cohesive sediments in water conveyance channels    M.Sc.    khastar borujeni, milad    0000-00-00
4    study of the effective physical parameters on subsurface water diversion using a experimental model    M.Sc.    Mansouri, Ramin    0000-00-00
5    Study of the effective hydraulic parameters on subsurface water diversion using an experimental model    M.Sc.    rostami, reza    0000-00-00
6    Experimental Studies on Increasing trapped Efficiency of Vortex Settling Basing by Using of submerge Vane    M.Sc.    assefi, moein    0000-00-00
7    Compare Furrow Irrigation in Real Time and irrigation based on the initial design    M.Sc.    tamaddoni, Mirhadi    0000-00-00
8    Large eddy simulation in vortex settling basins            0000-00-00
9    Scaling of Richards’ Equation to Gain Generalized Solutions for Dissimilar Soils    Ph.D    Sadeghi, Seyyed Morteza    2010-05-22
10    decrease of permeability caused by sedimentation in water spreading projects(Flood case study projects Jajarm city)    M.Sc.    Rajaie, Sayed Hossein    2011-01-30
11    Application and Assessment of a Developed Coupled-Groundwater–Surface Water Model in the Neishaboor Watershed    Ph.D    Izady, Azizallah    2011-04-30
12    Numerical modeling of flow pattern on a labyrinth weir and determining its discharge coefficient    M.Sc.    baihaghi kondori, ali    2011-09-03
13    Evaluation of salinity and sodicity effects of irrigation water on unsaturated soil hydraulic conductivity    M.Sc.    khazaei, sahar    2011-09-22
14    Study of irrigation and fertilization regimes effects on nitrogen leaching amounts from root zone (Case study: Lolium perenne)    M.Sc.    Mohammad Abadi, Mohsen    2011-12-13
15    Groundwater recharge estimation using various methods and making comparison results with each other, case study:Neyshabur Plain    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Tayebeh    2011-12-31
16    Using GMS to simulate the groundwater flow in an Urban region (Case Study: Bojnord)    M.Sc.    jafari, zobeyde    2012-01-28
17    the distributed water balance models for basin    M.Sc.    razavi kahnamooyi, sayyed sadjad    2012-02-20
18    Simultaneous numerical modeling of surface and subsurface flow in furrow irrigation for surface irrigation management    M.Sc.    beykzadeh, elham    2012-02-29
19    Simulation of emitter clogging by using FLUENT software    M.Sc.    mehrvar, zahra    2012-03-03
20    Using Fractal Interpolation functions for time series downscling    M.Sc.    validi, nahid    2012-04-26
21    Numerical modeling of subsurface flow in furrow irrigation to improve the surface irrigation management    M.Sc.    Ghayour saraydar, fatemeh    2012-06-14
22    The quantifying of groundwater model of Quchan plain using GMS software model.    M.Sc.    mazadeh, yahya    2012-11-17
24    The simulation of surface balance with WetSpa modeling (case study of Bara’rie basin)    M.Sc.    Rahmati, Hosein    2013-01-26
25    The Comparison & Assessment of Genetic and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms for Optimization of Water Distribution Network ( Case Study: Jangal City Water Distribution Network)    M.Sc.    Moghaddam, Alireza    2013-02-03
27    Estimation of groundwater recharge from irrigated fields using zero flux method.    M.Sc.    zaki, mohsen    2013-05-13
28    Estimation of groundwater recharge in irrigated farms using unsaturated zoon modeling, case study: Neyshabour Plain    M.Sc.    lak, raziyeh    2013-05-18
29    study of flow into qanat using numerical modeling    M.Sc.    azari rad, maryam    2013-06-17
30    The effect of deficit irrigation and nano fertilization on yield of basil (ocimum basilicum)    Ph.D    naderianfar, mohammad    2013-07-09
31    study of hydraulic characteristics and discharge control of sluice gates with cylindrical edges    M.Sc.    nourollahi, mohammad    2013-09-14
32    Development and Assessment of an Integrated Model of flow in Surface, Unsaturated and Saturated zones in Neishaboor Region    Ph.D    Nazarieh, Farzaneh    2014-01-28
33    Numerical Modelling of subsurface flow in an Infiltration Trench for the best urban storm water management practices    Ph.D    ,    2014-03-03
34    Study of the chaotic behavior of evapotranspiration reference as a function of nonlinear dynamics of meteorological parameters    Ph.D    Eslami, Amir    2014-03-05
35    Using of MODFLOW to develop the groundwater model of Mahvelat plain    M.Sc.    Ahmadi, Mojtaba    2014-03-08
36    Preventive Maintenance Management Model of Urban Water Distribution Networks Based on Reliability    M.Sc.    GHanbari, Fariba    2014-03-15
37    Evaluating the effects of summer irrigation and mulch cover on yield and flowering of saffron    M.Sc.    karimi seghaleh, hossein    2014-03-15
38    Uncertainty Assessment of Groundwater Flow Modelling by Using Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation Method (Case Study: Bojnourd Plain)    M.Sc.    Abedini, Maryam    2014-04-26
39    Design and implementing a furrow irrigation automation system ( real time ) with the aid of avr microcontroller and evaluation of its performance    M.Sc.    ardame, mohamadreza    2014-05-03
40    Modeling Electrical Conductivity (EC) of Groundwater using MT3DMS ( Case study : Bojnourd plain )    M.Sc.    Kheirandish, Mahsa    2014-05-24
41    Using logs and geophysics data for Modeling of Bojnord aquifer with emphasis on hydrostratigraphy    M.Sc.    tajabadi, mina    2014-06-07
42    Modeling water resources allocation via linkage of WEAP and MODFLOW models for Bojnourd basin    M.Sc.    SABETIFARD, ALI    2014-06-14
43    Fractal analysis of temperature time series    M.Sc.    tajabadi, shima    2014-06-21
44    Effect of irrigation water management scenarios(water deficit – fertigation) on spatial-temporal variability of water- potassium,root growth and plant water relationships of wheat (case study-border irrigation    Ph.D    keikha, Gholamali    2014-06-23
45    One-dimensional modeling of flow in Permeablebeds using finite volume methods developed    M.Sc.    ebrahimzadeh, aylar    2014-07-12
46    Numerical Modeling of Flow pattern over Labyrinth Side Weirs Using Large ‎Eddy Simulation method    M.Sc.    attarzadeh, fatemeh    2014-11-15
47    Studying the vulnerability of Groundwater Resources in Mashhad Basin to Nitrate using modified drastic method and fuzzy rules    M.Sc.    ghorbanpoor, soheila    2014-11-15
48    Optimizing total cost and resilience index in water distribution networks using MOPSO    M.Sc.    fahimtarzaghi, zahra    2014-11-15
50    3D penetration modeling of surface irrigation using numerical methods in non-orthogonal coordinate system    M.Sc.    Naghedifar, Mohammadreza    2014-12-20
51    Turbulent flow modeling in vortex settling basins using large eddy simulation    Ph.D    sheikh rezazadeh nikou, neda    2014-12-31
52    The modeling and study of the wind field around agricultural buildings to determine the starting limits of areas under sprinkler irrigation    M.Sc.    madani, reihanehsadat    2015-01-03
53    Water-energy Productivity for Major Agricultural Crops at Neyshabur basin in order to provide appropriate crop pattern for Sustainable Management of Water Resourc    Ph.D    Pourmohamad, Yavar    2015-01-28
54    Steady of Neyshabour sewer network effects on regional groundwater resources    M.Sc.    Shirazian, Saeed    2015-03-07
55    Scaling of border irrigation for dissimilar soils    Ph.D    chari, mohammad mahdi    2015-04-22
56    Integrated surface and groundwater flow modeling in Neishaboor watershed concerning cultivation pattern and climate change    Ph.D    Saadatpour, Alieh    2015-06-27
57    Modeling the surface water balance components on regional scale with Noah-MP land surface model    Ph.D    mirshafee, samira    2015-06-28
58    لThe effect of the simultaneous effects of deficit irrigation and soil layering tomato plant morphological characteristics.    M.Sc.    Safdari Kalateh Mir Esmaeel, Akram    2015-09-26
59    framework for hazards mitigation of sever and prolonged droughts    M.Sc.    derakhshan, hashem    2016-04-23
60    Modifying Stage-Discharge Relationship in Unsteady Flow Condition using Numerical Modeling    Ph.D    abdolvandi, amirfarbod    2016-05-19
61    Modeling Surface Water-Groundwater Interaction in Samalghan Watershed Using SWAT    M.Sc.    Seyeidan, Seyeid Aref    2016-09-10
62    The new approach Approximate Solutions to Richards’ Equation for Soil Water Infiltration Using Scaling and Experimental models    M.Sc.    ghoochanian, marjan    2016-10-08
63    Study of aquifer recharge in bojnoord by groundwater and river interaction modeling    M.Sc.    sarvari, saeed    2016-10-08
64    Optimization of Energy Consumption at Pumping Stations of Urban Water Distribution Networks Using Darwin Scheduler Model    M.Sc.    karami, javad    2017-01-14
65    Assessment of groundwater recharge in different lands and irrigation management scenarios using numerical simulation of unsaturated    M.Sc.    shamsi tavasani, ensiyeh    2017-01-28
66    Groundwater Recharge Estimation Using Various Methods and Making Comparison Their Results, Case Study: ” Samalqan Plain”    M.Sc.    mir arabi, khadije    2017-02-25
67    The estimated agricultural return water in irrigated agricultural fields (both surface and sprinkler irrigation systems) for wheat ( Case Study: University farm )    M.Sc.    bakhshi dehnavi, nima    2017-03-04
68    study of inlet groundwater flow to amir-abad ghanat with numerical modeling in shirvan aquifer    M.Sc.    oghazian, Abdolhamid    2017-09-08
69    Determining safe yield and sustainable yield for groundwater resources in Neishabour plain    M.Sc.    kazerani, parisa    2017-10-28
70    Optimizing irrigation management (through deficit irrigation and crop rotation) by combining the simulation crop model AquaCrop with an economic model    M.Sc.    Sarrafzadeh, Nasrin    2017-12-23
71    Designing a groundwater quality monitoring network using the vsp software    M.Sc.    adnani, seyedeh zahra    2018-03-17
72    The Evaluation of the Role of Water, Energy and Food Nexus in the Management of Groundwater Resources using Multi-agent based Model in the Neyshabur plain    Ph.D    Radmehr, Riza    2018-06-30